From the Soviet Information Bureau
July 11th 1944

Yesterday, in June 10th, the troops of the Leningrad Front started the offence on the Karelian Isthmus to the north of Leningrad. With the help of mass strikes of artillery and aviation they have broken through the heavily fortified and deep permanent defence structures of the enemy and during the two days of offence battles moved ahead for 24 kilometres in the 40 kilometres-wide breach. During the offence our troops took the town and the important railway-station Terijoki, serious defense point Jäppilä and, with the heavy fighting took over more than 80 other settlements, including such big settlements as Kameshki, Stary Beloostrov (Valkeasaari), Alexandrovka (Myllynkylä), Rajajoki, Kalellovo (Kaljaala), Old and New Alakyl, Kuokkala, Hiirelä, Karvala, Joutselkä, Haapala, Kellomäki, Puhtula and railway stations Rajajoki, Ollila, Kuokkala, Kellomäki.

There were no serious changes on the other fronts during the 11th of June.