Anya from Olonets
(MP3, 3.8Mb)

Early 1940's. Olonets soldier's song-book

Song by Matti Jurva
Lyrics by Tatu Pekkarinen
Sung by Matti Jurva

Far away a maiden blossomed
Like an exotic dark-hued flower
She was famous for her beauty
That pearl of Olonets

Anya, Anya, you were courted by Vasily and Vanya –
Politruk¹ and commissar²
But you abandoned them both
Anya, Anya, you abanoned Vasily and Vanya
You were, in deed, famous for your beauty
You, dark girl, the pearl of Olonets

A brave son of the North
Came to Olonets
And he took the beautiful Anya
As his loved one


Also by Santtu Karhu & Talvisovat, 1991 (MP3, 1.5Mb)

¹ Political instructor – the rank in the Red Army (lieutenant level)
² Political commissar – the rank in the Red Army (major level)