Mass grave of the Reds in Olonets

Mass grave of the Reds in Olonets

Near the Olonets city sports field located a mass grave from 1919. "Red Finn" Oskari Kumpu, military commissar of the Olonets district, was buried here in 1935. Later in the same place were also buried the Red Army soldiers, fallen in 1941-1944.

The monument on the mass grave was unveiled in 1960. The inscription on the front side:

Here are buried the soldiers of the Red Army, executed by the interventionists on April 24, 1919

On the right and left sides are mixed the names of those who fell in 1919 and in 1941-1944.

In 1987, four memorial plaques were added:

1. To Military Commissar Oskari Kumpu:

Here is buried Oskari Ivanovitch Kumpu, participant of the ski raid to Kiimasjärvi in the 1922 as a member of T. Antikainen's detachment, Military Commissar of the Olonets District.
1889 – 1935

2. To the inhabitants of the Olonets:

Here are buried the inhabitants of the Olonets city and uezd, executed by White Finns in April 1919.

1. Abramova P.M.
2. Bogdanov H.
3. Blagoveshchensky F.F.
4. Vizhuev F.G.
5. Ermakov V.
6. Eshkin I.
7. Kunilsky I.I.
8. Korolev N.I.
9. Moiseev A.M.
10. Megorsky I.K.
11. Matyunin A.A.

Eternal memory to the victims of the intervention!

3. To the Red cadets from the Petrograd:

Here are buried the Red cadets from the Petrograd, fallen in 1919 during the defending of the Olonets region against the White Guard bands.

1. Auzelaysh Ernest
2. Kulikov Pavel
3. Klass Konstantin
4. Prohorov Konstantin
5. Romanovsky Nikolay

Eternal memory to the soldiers of Motherland!

4. To the Red Army soldiers:

Here are buried the Red Army soldiers, fallen in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1944.

1. Grigoriev G.A. – Senior Lieutenant
2. Zvarygin P.P. – Private
3. Konovalov V.M – Private
4. Mohailov S.A. – Second Lieutenant
5. Nazarkin V.M. – Private
6. Perevalov S.N. – Yefreytor
7. Rozhansky G.N. – Sergeant
8. Soloviev N.P. – Private
9. Sheinov V.A. – Private

Eternal memory to the soldiers of the Great War!