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Monument in Hämeenlinna

Monument in Hämeenlinna


Monument to the Fallen in the Finnish War of Independence and in the Kinship Wars was unveiled in Hämeenlinna on April 26, 1929. The author of the monument was the sculptor Urho Heinänen. The inscription on the monument say:

”Hometown of Hämeenlinna has erected this stone for the memory of those who sacrificed their lives in 1918 for the freedom of their Fatherland”

The names of 20 natives of the city of Hämeenlinna are engraved on the monument. Kalle Adolf Karisto fell in the Estonian War of Independence. Artturi Adolf Bastman*, Oiva Ahti Talpo**, Yrjö Sirola*** and Otto Kaisla**** fell in the Olonets Expedition.

* Artturi Adolf Bastman (21.02.1898-06.05.1919), front of Tuloksa River
** Vice Feldwebel Oiva Ahti Talpo (30.10.1901-13.05.1919), Ilyinsky
*** Feldwebel Yrjö Sirola (24.08.1893-19.05.1919), front of Tuloksa River
**** Sergeant Otto Kaisla (Nyman) (03.03.1887-03.08.1919), Salmenitsa
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