Monument to the Independence War

Monument to the Independence War

The monument, designed by the architect Bertel Strömmer and made of light gray granite, was unveiled in Ikaalinen on May 16, 1921 at the graves of the fallen heroes, but later was moved to its present location near the church.

On the monument are the words:

”Fell for the freedom of their home and Fatherland”

and fragment of ”Poem for free Poland”, written by Veikko Koskenniemi:

”Through our memories of suffering,
through our dearest graves,
let the land of our fathers be free”.

Among others, on the monument can be read the names of two who fell in 1919 in the Olonets Karelia. Toivo Edvard Lahtinen (20.07.1899 – 05.06.1919) fell on the front of Tuloksa River and the police constable Lauri Johannes Silén (10.10.1895 – 13.06.1919) fell in the battle of Polovina Village.