Building of Kareldrev Trust

1970's. Petrozavodsk. Building of Kareldrev Trust

In 1934-1935 the administrative building of wood industrial trust Kareldrev was built in the center of Petrozavodsk according to the project of the city architect Alexandr Mitrofanov.

A two-stored log construction with a brick staircase as firewall was made in Wooden Nordic Jugendstil (National Romantic style).

After World War II there housed various Soviet institutions, including the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs of the Karelian-Finnish SSR.

In 1946-1947 the building got wooden planking in Socialist Classicism style, designed by architect Nina Korneva.

In 1960-2003 there housed a child outpatient clinic.

In 2000 the building got the official status of architectural monument.

In April 2001 after an arson attack there was a first fire.

In December 2003 an electrical fault was the cause of a next fire, whereupon the building was decommissioned.

In February 2006, after a next arson attack there was a third fire, which was the most devastating.

In June 2006 an arson attack was the cause of fourth fire.

By the end of 2017 the remains of the building exclude the brick firewall were fully demolished.

In November 2018 began the construction works which cover also the restoration of the appearance of the facades.

The work was completed in 2023, almost a third of the original logs were used. Unfortunately, the building was restored in the mid-1940s version.