Porosozero was left

According to the information received from the eastern border, Karelians forces after a fierce battle slightly moved from Porosozero (Porajärvi) Village, against its the Bolsheviks were concentrated all forces. Karelians losses are insignificant. The information given by the Bolsheviks that the Karelians have retreated to the Finnish border, as reported, is not correct. Also their information is otherwise exaggerated and embellished anyway.

Yesterday, late in the evening, the Karelian Front reported: our forces had left Porosozero Village. Reds by 88 and 89 regiments of the 33rd brigade of the 10th division, one cavalry regiment of the 14th cavalry division and one battery of 6-inch howitzers attacked from the side of Porosozero Lake. In view of the overwhelming superiority of the enemy, ours were forced to retreat in the northern direction.

Refugees have arrived across the border to the Finnish side.

Kauppalehti -newspaper no. 3
January 4, 1922