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Monument in Karijoki

Monument in Karijoki


The local branch of Suojeluskunta (Finnish army assisting organization) erected near the Karijoki Church a Monument to the Finnish War of Independence. It was unveiled on October 1, 1922.

Memorial is a cube made of local stone, with the names of the parish inhabitants, who fell in the Finnish War of Independence, as well as in the Kinship Wars. On the monument inscribed also following words:

"Eternal gratitude and peace to the heroes,
who fell for freedom.
People can't forget you!"

Among others, the name of the local volunteer Arvo Hilde (1903 – January 3, 1922) can be read on the monument. He was wounded in the Repola Village in Eastern Karelia and was taken to the Sortavala hospital in a weak condition, where he died.

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