The National Anthem of the Republic of Karelia
(MP3, 3.4Mb)

Song by Alexander Beloborodov
Lyrics by Armas Mashin and Ivan Kostin

Native land – Karelia!
The ancient wise land.
One family of the brotherly nations,

Ring, lakes, and sing, taiga!
The native land, you is dear to me.
I highly stand on yours hills
And sing a song in glory to you.

Native land – Karelia!
You are destined to me forever.
Long live in centuries, my country,

The heroes of sagas live on our land by till now
In the midst of the woods and mountains.
Sing, song! Kantele, sing more sonorous
In the name of the Karelian holy ground!

Native land – Karelia!
An alive tune of runes and sagas.
I see your radiant dawn,
I see your shining dawn,

Was established at 6th of April, 1993