Telegram to com. Lenin, Kalinin, Trotsky and Zinoviev

To Moscow, to com. Lenin, Kalinin, Trotsky
To Petrograd, to com. Zinoviev
July 1, 1920

Congress of Representatives of the Karelian Working People, of the Karelian population of Olonets and Arkhangelsk Gubernias, had received on July 1 in Petrozavodsk to discuss issues, connected with the creation of the Karelian Labor Commune and the claims of White Finland to the Soviet Karelian lands, sends his heartfelt greetings to you, the ideological leaders and organizers of the struggle of the working masses of Russia against the world’s capitalist predators in the name of establishing labor order in the country, and elects us as honorary chairmen of the Congress.

Dear comrades and leaders. We, representatives of the working people, participants in the great world struggle for socialism, together with the Russian and world working masses, declare that we will not leave the ranks of the fighters for the final, common to all mankind liberation from the capitalist yoke, we will not exchange the Soviet labor order for the White capitalist order either from Finland or from any other capitalist country.

Long live the Fraternal Union of the Workers of the World.

Presidium of the Congress: