Meet us, Suomi-Beauty
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Meet us, Suomi-Beauty

Song by Daniel and Dmitry Pokrass
Lyrics by Anatoly D'Actil (Frenkel)

Curly pine-trees stand on slopes
Making narrow site at the border
Meet us Soumi-beauty
Decorated with transparent lakes

Tanks are crashing through the forests
Planes barraging in the sky
Low autumn sun
Is shining on our bayonets

We are used to victories
And again we are at fight
Under the red star
We go by the roads of our grandfathers

Lots of lies were told during these years
To fool the Finnish people.
But now please open to us
Your wide gates

Clowns and papergreasers would not
Fool you any more
Too often your Motherland was taken off from you
We came to return it to you

We are coming to help you to punish
To return back your disgrace manyfolded
Meet us Soumi-beauty
Decorated with transparent lakes

August 1939

The song main idea is that The Red Army is entering Finland to liberate it from capitalists that supressed Finnish revolution and now are fooling Finnish people.

Leningrad military district's "Red Army Song and Dance" ensemble conducted by A.Anisimov
Gramophone disks factory, Leningrad

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