1987. Sveta Our first cat. Was brought from Kondopoga as a month-aged kitty in the summer 1987. Shared my bachelor life till next summer. Though later became family cat could not accept that she lost the monopoly on me. Had left a paw in the literature attempts of some close circles. The last day of her presence in the house was the day (September 1990) when our newly-born daughter entered the house. Seem to find her fortune even in exile, but became rather fat…
1996. Sherry The ideal creature, fluffy tailed angel. Was bought from Petrozavodsk on newspaper ad in the summer 1996. Has found absolute mutual understanding with all members of the family, especially with Larisa. Every day reined out nearby and not so near with a breast-band on. Died from some cat's decease in January 1997 at the age of less than one year. For the next three years we were afraid of getting new cat. Unfortunately, only group photo was left…
Tomasina, 2000 Spontaneously bought at the Petrozavodsk bazaar as a month-aged kitty in the June of 2000. Died at November 29, 2011 in Helsinki.


Teffy, 2011 The latest attempt to catch cats tale.