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Mass grave of the Vidlitsa communars

December 27, 2018. Mass grave of the Vidlitsa communars


Mass grave of the communars who fell and executed in April-May 1919 located in Vidlitsa.

On 1961 at the mass grave was erected the concrete monument created by Leningrad sculptor Leonid Kalinin.

On June 26, 2010 the new granite monument was unveiled. The plaque contains the text:

Here lay the participants of the defense of Vidlitsa and the comrades, executed by White Finns in April-May 1919
Aronov V.M.
Bogdanov A.H.
Bykov A.S.
Volkov V.I.
Gavrilov M.S.
Germanov K.Ya.
Delkoev A.K.
Dyashev-Nikitin V.I.
Makarov E.Ya.
Nekrasov A.M.
Onniev A.N.
Potashev G.P.
Puhakko E.Ya.
Rosenstein M.E.
Romoev I.A.
Solovyov P.I.
Trofimov V.N.
Turikov A.P.
Shlyahtin N.P.
Yashaev V.I.
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