The alphabet list of the nations, living in the Russian Empire

This book is an attempt to compile a list of the nations of the Russian Empire, the information about which is given in the different publications, listed in the Addendum. As it is based on the already printed materials, it of cause has some gaps. Very rough are the population data – it was gotten not by the special research, but was got from different sources, reflecting different years. So, this book may be considered just as a reference source.

NN Nation Population Year valid Language group Religion Habitat area
53 Karelians 300 000 1875 Finnish Orthodox, partly Lutherans Southern part of Finland and Russian north-western gubernias: In Tver gubernia almost in all uezds, In Novgorod gubernia – everywhere, in Olonets gubernia in all uezds, but as a main population in Petrozavodsk, Olonets, Lodeynoe pole and Vytegra uezds, in Archangelsk gubernia only in Kem uezd, in St-Petersburg gubernia – in St-Petersburg and Shlisselburg uezds. Also there are settlements in Kaluga (Medyn uezd), Yaroslavl (Mologa uezd), Vladimir (Suzdal uezd), Tambov (Morshansk uezd) and Smolensk (Gzhatsk uesd).
74 Loppi 3 380 1859 Finnish Orthodox Kem uezd of Archangelsk gubernia and the north of the Grand Duchy of Finland.
122 Finns 2 000 000 1890   Evangelical Lutherans The Grand Duchy of Finland and in part in St-Petersburg, Olonets and Archangelsk gubernia.
132 Chud* 13 250 1865 Finnish Orthodox Lodeynoe pole and Petrozavodsk uezds of Olonets gubernia, Tikhvin and Belozersk of Novgorod gubernia.
134 Swedes 250 000 1876 German Evangelical Lutherans In the Finland (250 000 - 1866); in Estland gubernia (Revel and Gaspal uezds, 5 000 - 1882); In Kherson gubernia (settlers, 350 - 1870); just a few in Tobolsk gubernia.

The alphabet list of the nations, living in the Russian Empire, St-Petersburg, 1895.

* Veps