of the Commander of the Baltic Fleet to the Commander of the Ladoga War Flotilla on the Military Tasks of the Flotilla
N7/operational, November 23, 1939

1. The Finnish Army has completed its concentration and deploy near the border of the USSR. The Ladoga War Flotilla is ready for action.

2. Units of the Red Army have concentrated along the state border: the 7th Army – on the Karelian Isthmus, the left flank of the 8th Army – on the eastern shore of the Ladoga Lake near Vidlitsa.

3. The Task of the Ladoga War Flotilla:

  • to destroy the Finnish ships on the Ladoga Lake;
  • to prevent the enemy's diversionary forces from landing on the Ladoga Lake, in the mouth of the Volchov, Syas, Olonka and Vidlitsa rivers;
  • to support with artillery fire the flanks of the 7th and 8th Armies;
  • provide communications on the Vidlitsa and Sviritsa;
  • to be ready for the landing of the diversionary groups on the Serdobol (Sortavala), Kakisalmi (Kexholm) front;
  • to organize the anti-submarine defence of the Ladoga Lake.

4. The deploy of the units at the "Taran" signal (arms not used). The beginning of the operations at the "Fakel" signal (arms to be used, the war has begun).

5. Flag Command Post – Kronstadt. Reserve Command Post – Oranienbaum. Second Deputy – the Red Banner Baltic Navy Squadron Commander.

Commander of the Baltic Fleet
2nd rank Flag-Officer TRIBUTS

Members of the Fleet War Council
Brigade Commissar JAKOVENKO

Russian State War Archive. Fund 25888. List 14. Case 1. Pages 15,16. Original.