Monument in Lapua

Monument in Lapua

Monument to the Fallen in the Finnish War of Independence and in the Kinship Wars was unveiled at the churchyard of Lapua Cathedral on September 10, 1921.

The pedestal is made of gray granite. The bronze mortally wounded standard-bearer, designed by Finnish sculptor Yrjö Liipola, was cast in Hungary.

Monument contains the names of 54 natives of Lapua. Four of these fallen in the Kinship Wars (three in Estonia and one in Olonets Karelia).

Volunteer Oiva Matias Halmes (14.01.1901 – 23.04.1919) fell in the battle in the Olonets Karelia, in the Megrega Village.

On the monument also engraved the verse by Vicar of Lapua Wilhelmi Malmivaara:

“Guardians of our home and our faith,
your battle brought victory to Finland,
The people, seeing your heroic deed,
will never become a slave.
The sacred memory of you
is still alive,
With tears and gratitude, your mound was made.”