Positions of Finnish coastal artillery in the Ivanovsky Island

Positions of Finnish coastal artillery in the Ivanovsky Island

Creating of artillery positions in the Majakkasaari Island (Lighthouse Island, former Ivanovsky Island), located opposite Äänislinna City, began in the winter of 1941/1942. From there it was possible to block the approaches to the city from the Onego Lake side.

Earlier, in the second half of 1919, following the decision of the Bolshevik Commission for strengthen of the Onega Flotilla, in the Ivanovsky Island began construction of a three-gun Battery. At November, 120-mm 50 caliber guns taken from armored cruiser Rurik had already been delivered to Petrozavodsk. However, by March 1920, then the Onega Flotilla was dismantled, construction had not been completed.

On March 13, 1942, Majakkasaari Island was renamed to Lukkosaari Island (Lock Island). The first two 152-mm 45 caliber Canet guns were transferred to the Lukkosaari from the coast of the Gulf of Finland. At April 1942, the Battery was in combat readiness.

At December 1942, two Canet guns were relocated to the Island from a temporary position in Uzheselga. The four-gun Battery was ready at February 1943, but at July one of the guns was taken to Shoksha.

The Lukkosaari Coastal defense Battery from the Onega coastal defense Brigade, was evacuated on June 22-26, 1944. All the guns were transported to Äänislinna City, and from there to the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland.