Activity of the Bolsheviks

General Staff, June 27. At 11 o'clock in Thursday evening consisting of 7 ships Bolshevik's Ladoga Flotilla approached to Vidlitsa, which locate 16 kilometers southeast of the Finnish border, and opened fierce fire towards the village and the local hospital. As result of bombardment the Hospital of Olonets Volunteer Army, a warehouse building, a headquarters building and many private buildings were burned to the ground. Protected by their cannon fire and supported by machine guns, enemy troops landed near the mouth of the Vidlitsa River. There is fighting in the village. Communication between the volunteer forces fighting on the front of Tuloksa River and the main headquarters of the Olonets expedition has been interrupted.

According to the information given to us last night, in the last battles near Vidlitsa was wounded, among others, the Jäger Captain Toivo Kuisma.

Uusimaa -newspaper no. 69
Monaday, June 30, 1919