Positions of Finnish coastal artillery in the Meg Island

Positions of Finnish coastal artillery in the Meg Island

The small Meg Island is located in the narrowest place of the Zaonezhsky Bay of the Onega Lake.

In August 1919, the White forces of the Northern Russia, under British command, captured the Meg Island. After evacuation of British troops in the Island remained artillery positions of Whites.

On October 11, 1919, the Bolshevik Onega Flotilla landed troops on the Meg Island. The Reds "captured 7 naval guns, of which 2 were heavy, a radio station, ammunition, etc."

In November 1941, Finnish troops occupied the entire Zaonezhsky Peninsula, as well as Meg Island. During the Winter and until April 1942, the Red Army repeatedly tried to return control of the Island, but the Finns successfully fended off all attacks.

Meg Island became the easternmost outpost of the Finnish army. Were erected artillery positions for two 76-mm guns of the 12th Light Battery. Was also built a protected fire control bunker.

Finnish troops left Meg Island in July 1944.