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Military memorial cemetery in Pogrankondushi

Military memorial cemetery in Pogrankondushi


The Olonets Volunteer Army crossed the border on April 21, 1919. Chief of its Staff Jäger Captain Ragnar Nordström recalled:
“When the border was crossed between the Mantsila and Pogrankondushi villages, was decided that only the officers and junior command personnel would attack by surprise the Russian barrack, located a hundred meters away on the other side of the border. So it was done. We attacked suddenly, blocked the house, threw hand grenades in through the windows, and then burst in through the doors. The Russians were absolutely surprised, and they jumped out the windows – those of them who were not killed or wounded. The enemies numbering 40-50 men. We had no losses.”

On one of the mass graves at the military memorial cemetery in Pogrankondushi there is the inscription:

Were shot by the White Finns in 1919
Head of border outpost Zhmerin I.I.
Border guards Ivanov
Isakov V.A.
Isakov I.V.
Trohliev F.
Hartikainen A.
Hartikainen V.
Unknown border guards 10 people
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