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Monument to the Finnish War of Independence

Monument to the Finnish War of Independence


Monument to the Fallen in the Finnish War of Independence was unveiled near the Nivala Church on June 17, 1921. The author of the monument was the sculptor Emil Wikström.

On the monument engraved the Coat of Arms of Ostrobothnia and the text: ”For the freedom, Fatherland and father's faith”.

Among others, on the monument can be read the name of Jaakko Junttila (August 6, 1904 – April 10, 1918). He fell in the White Sea Karelia in the attack to the city of Kem.

Later to the monument was added the name of Antti Marjoniemi (December 24, 1904 – January 20, 1922), who fell into the hands of Reds and was burned alive at the campfire in the Kimasozero Village.

On the wall of Karvoskylä Village Chapel (Nivala municipality), there is a Memorial plaque contains the names of 40 villagers who died in wars. Among others is the name of Antti Marjoniemi.

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