Freedom fighter fell in the Olonets Karelia

According to the information received here from the Olonets Karelia, on June 27 in battle in Beryozova Gora Village Sakari Johannes Alkman from Pälkäne heroically fell there. His body remained on the side of enemy. Fallen hero was born in 1904* and was one of those heroic guys in their struggle for freedom, for which our people feel rightly proud. As soon as the sending of volunteers to the Olonets Karelia began, deceased immediately was also among those who left, but being too young, he was returned back by the will of his father. However, the struggle for freedom so inspired the young mind that finally he got permission from his father. He immediately left to the Olonets Karelia, where he took part in battles until enemy’s bullet pierced the young hero's chest.

The glorious memory of young freedom fighter!

Hämeen Sanomat -newspaper, no. 163
July 24, 1919

* 30.11.1904 – 27.06.1919
From three Alkman brothers (later family surname was changed to Alkama) middle brother Yrjö Johannes fell in the Winter War and younger brother Niilo Johannes died from the wounds, which he got in the Continuation War.