Finns fallen in the Olonets Karelia and were buried there

We have been informed that the following persons have fallen in the Olonets Karelia on the Northern front and buried there*.

Simo Keskinummi** from Kauhajoki, fell in the Vidany Village on July 1 and Oskar Makkonen from the Anttola Village, Maljala Parish, Rantasalmi, fell in the same place and on the same day***, were buried in the Pryazha Village at 2 am on July 2.

Mikko Reiman from Uusikirkko, 50 years old, drowned in the Vilga River on June 20 and was buried in the churchyard of Polovina Village on the evening of the 27th.

Laatokka -newspaper, no. 76
July 15, 1919

* ”When regiment retreated, the comrades, due to a lack of horses, could not transport the bodies to Finland, because they had to save a large supply train from falling into enemy hands.” (Laatokka newspaper no. 76, September 16, 1919)
** Sulo Bernhard Keski-Nummi, 19.04.1902 – 30.06.1919
*** June 30, 1919