Karelian expedition
Group B
Pryazha Village, June 12, 1919

1. Group attacks the Polovina Village on June 13, 1919.

a) Detachments are marching to the Matrosy Village so as to be ready to attack on June 13, 1919 at 2 pm.

b) The first detachment bypasses the enemy and attacks the Polovina Village from the rear. A patrol is sent to the Vilga River to intercepting the enemy messengers, cutting telephone wires and, if possible, preventing the enemy from blowing up the bridge over the Vilga River.

c) The second detachment is attacking along the Matrosy – Polovina road, the third detachment is in reserve. The verbal order of Group Commander to start the movement will be given later in the Matrosy Village.

2. Distribute 140 rounds per person. In a combat train carry 160 rounds per person.

3. Everyone imperative should have a white armband on hand. In addition, everyone should have a branch of a coniferous tree on the headdress. Password: "Men".

4. Combat trains move with the detachments. A large train departs from the Pryazha Village on June 13, 1919 at 6 pm.

5. Casualty collection point placed in the Matrosy Village.

6. Group headquarters will remain in the Pryazha Village for the time being.

7. I will follow the second department to the Matrosy Village, where all notices will must be sending.

Jäger Major and Commander