Greetings to V.I.Lenin from the Vidlitsa volost party organization and representatives from the Red Army units

September 21, 1919
Moscow, Kremlin, Lenin

After liberation from Finnish executioners – White bands, we – communists of the Vidlitsa volost, meeting in the one place as a united working family and discussing the questions about red communist Russia and about liberation of Karelia from the yoke of capital, send warm greetings to the great leader of the proletariat – comrade Lenin from the uncultured, uneducated and unenlightened – the dark people of Karelia.

Long live the victory of the proletariat!

Long live the world revolution and the great Russian leader comrade Lenin!

With communist greetings
Vidlitsa collective of Communists-Bolsheviks

Party archive of Karelian regional committee of the CPSU, fund 159, list 1, file 2, page 61. Original.