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Project description

The Winter War Monument will be a field clad with natural stones erected in the memory of every soldier died in the battles around Suomussalmi. Memorial stones will be set to all soldiers - Finnish and Soviets (Russian, Ukrainian and of other nationalities). For every dead soldier there will be erected a memorial stone. About 20 000 memorial stones will be set. Total area of the Memorial will be around 30 000 - 40 000 square meters. The main goal of the project - development of the military history tourism in the participating countries.

Scientific work planned is to define tourists routes based on the historical facts about events that took place around Suomussalmi. Historians from the Russian Academy of Science are gathering information about 44th and 163rd divisions. Scientists from Joensu and Petrozavodsk Universities are gathering the information about the fate of civilians from Suomussalmi commune during the 1939-1940 Winter War. The information database that will be created will be used for further development of military history tourism and coöperation of historians from both countries. The scientific part of the project will be the first objective attempt of Russian historians to study the history of the Winter War in this region.

Project realization time: 1.07.2002-30.06.2004

Total cost of the project: 324 752 Euro. Financing:

  • "Interreg IIIA Karelia" - 50%
  • Community Suomussalmi - 30%
  • Kainuu regional workforce and employment center - 20%


The would-be Monument to the Winter War

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The would-be Monument to the Winter War

Program main partners and participants


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E-mail: marko.seppanen@raatteenportti.fi

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