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The lists of Finnish and Soviet solders
fallen in battle near Suomossalmi in 1939-1940

Finnish soldiers

Soviet soldiers:
Official list (extraction from the "Book of Memory")
Unofficial list (according the information from relatives and friends)

The Monument of the Winter War

© Suomussalmi commune
The Monument of the Winter War

The "Open Embrace" monument near Suomussalmi is the symbol of pain, sorrow, memory and hope that should help two nations to understand the inanity of the events of that far away years, to give the tribute to the sons of the two states that fall here and to understand the necessity to leave together without wars and conflicts.

These lists are the first attempt to collect and present the names of all those fallen at these places in the severe winter of 1939-1940

Here you can find the lists of the Finnish and Soviet soldiers, fallen in battles near Suomussalmi. The list of Finnish soldiers is complete. The creation of the list of Soviet soldiers was started only during the realisation of the project "The monument to the Winter War"

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