Heinrich Vogeler paintings

Mid 1930's. Workers settlement
Workers settlement
Mid 1930's. Solomennoye saw-mills log storage
Solomennoye saw-mills log storage
Mid 1930's. Towboat on the Logmozero
Towboat on the Logmozero
Mid 1930's. The bay of the Logmozero
The bay of the Logmozero
Mid 1930's. Saw-mill
Mid 1930's. Lumber yard
Lumber yard

German artist Heinrich Vogeler visited Karelia for the first time in 1925. In 1931 he and his family moved to the USSR for permanent residence.

The set of water-colours with the views of Solomennoye were created in 1933-34 during one of the frequent visits of the artist to Karelia.

In 1941 he (as a German) was deported to Kazakhstan, where died in 1942.