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Heinrich Vogeler paintings

Mid 1930's. Workers settlement
Workers settlement
Mid 1930's. Solomennoye saw-mills log storage
Solomennoye saw-mills log storage
Mid 1930's. Towboat on the Logmozero
Towboat on the Logmozero
Mid 1930's. The bay of the Logmozero
The bay of the Logmozero
Mid 1930's. Saw-mill
Mid 1930's. Lumber yard
Lumber yard

German artist Heinrich Vogeler (1872-1942) visited Karelia for the first time in 1925. In 1931 he and his family moved to the USSR for permanent residence.

The set of water-colours with the views of Solomennoye were created in 1933-34 during one of the frequent visits of the artist to Karelia.

In 1941 he (as a German) was deported to Kazakhstan, where died in 1942.

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