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Monument to Heroes of Independence War

Monument to Heroes of Independence War


Monument to the Heroes of the War of Independence was unveiled in Seinäjoki in the Törnävä Cemetery on July 31, 1921. Initially, on the stone were engraved eight names only; the last was a name of Toivo Aksel Taijala. He fell in the Olonets Karelia near the Megrega Village on April 23, 1919.

A name of Lauri Lipasti was added to the monument later. Sergeant Toivo Lauri Pellervo Lipasti participated in the White Sea Karelian expedition led by Jäger Captain Kuisma as the commander of the machine gun company and was captured by the enemy during a reconnaissance raid. He was shot on May 28, 1918 in Paanajärvi Village, White Sea Karelia.

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