Killers – White Finns

At 8 AM on September 23, comrade Pozdnyakov, officer of the quarantine point in Voknavolok Village (Karelian Commune), went with the five Red Army soldiers to the state border to meet the Chairman of the 3rd Local Border Commission.

On the back way, one and a half versts from the border, returning already at night, near Latvozero Village (60 versts from Uhta), were fired by bandits (7-8 men) who arrived from abroad.

As a result of the shootout, the Chairman of the 3rd Local Control Border Commission comrade Lavrov was killed, the candidate member of the Commission comrade Lezheev was injured with two bullets, and the quarantine officer comrade Pozdnyakov was also wounded. The bandits fled abroad.

On the morning of September 24, patrols send from Latvozero Village fired on two unidentified persons who fled abroad.

Polyarnaya Pravda -newspaper, October 6, 1923