Greetings to comrade Stalin


Comrade Stalin
The Kremlin, Moscow

On behalf of the working people of Finland, who are fighting shoulder to shoulder with the heroic Red Army to liberate their country from the yoke of the whiteguard hangmen and hirelings of foreign warmongers, for the victory of the independent Democratic Republic of Finland, the Peope's Government of Finland on the occasion of the sixtieth birthday of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin expresses its profoundest esteem to the great friend of the people of Finland. Stalin, whose name will always be the symbol of friendship and brotherhood of the peoples of the Soviet Union and of Finland, as well as of all the peoples of the world.

On behalf of the People's Government of Finland
Otto Kuusinen

Pravda, December 23, 1939


Head of the People's Government
Comrade Otto Kuusinen

I thank you for the congratulations. I wish the Finnish people and the People's Government of Finland speedy and complete victory over the oppressors of the Finnish people, over the Mannerheim—Tanner gang.


Pravda, December 25, 1939