Formation of a People's Government of Finland

Leningrad, 1st of December (TASS). By agreement with the representatives of a number of Left-wing parties and with Finnish soldiers who had rebelled, a new government of Finland – the People's Government of the Finnish Democratic Republic – was formed at Terijoki today.

The People’s Government of Finland includes:
Otto Kuusinen – Chairman of Government and Foreign Minister,
Mauri Rosenberg – Minister of Finance,
Aksel Anttila – Minister of Defense,
Tuure Lehen – Minister of the Interior,
Armas Äikiä – Minister for Agriculture,
Inkeri Lehtinen – Minister for Education,
Paavo Prokkonen – Minister for Karelian Affairs.

The People's Government issued a Declaration containing its programme.

"Pravda", 2nd of December 1939