The Law
on the Supreme Power in Finland

It is hereby decreed: After the end of the monarch’s rights in Finland, may the following be in force, according to the will of the Parliament of Finland:


The Parliament of Finland declares, confirms and enforces all Finnish laws not excluding those affecting national economics, taxation and customs duties. The decision of the Parliament is final in all other Finnish affairs that were formerly decided by the Emperor and Grand Duke on the basis of existing laws.

The present law does not affect matters of foreign policy, military legislation or military control.


The current session of the Parliament is called without special summons and is to last until a new form of government of Finland is established. According to paragraph 18 of the Parliament rules, the Parliament appoints new elections and decrees its own dissolution.


The Parliament appoints the executive power in Finland.

The supreme executive power temporarily belongs to the economic department of the Senate of Finland, whose members are appointed and dismissed by the Parliament.

Helsinki, July 18, 1917