In November 1990 creative group from MTV's branch in Finland visited Petrozavodsk and made two films as a result: Elizabeth Marshan's film "Punalippurock" about Talvisovat band and "probably the last celebration of Great October Revolution's Day" and another project was the first in a world rockvideo on Karelian language.

This rockvideo was shooted in the 7th of November (Day of Great October Revolution) in the chapel in Manga village and also in wineshop of The Petrozavodsk University's campus where members of band had invited their good friends for action in this film. As a result the song "Airotoi veneh" from the first single was broadcasted at least four times on MTV and several times in Karelian TV's programs for young people.

In August 1991 group was in Nurmes of Finland on "Neuvosto-Karjala" newspaper's annual presentation. "The old veterans of war wept listening these lads"- was written in "Karjalainen" newspaper about this concert.

Shortly after the concert bus of band proceeded to the western Finland into Seinajoki where had been opening international music-festival Maailmankarnevaalit 91. Many known pop- and rock-bands and also so called ethnic-style (ETNO) groups took part in such festival. Talvisovat compositions had total public success: people was dancing and joined to Santtu & C° singing. The next festival where in took part band was "Dinosaurock" in Virtasalmi.

In the second part of October Talvisovat spent one of their weekend in Tampere – they had an appearance in University Campus festival "Apontelava" and released The second single. This record consists in two part: "Elävät legendat" (on Karelian language, music of Talvisovat, text of song – S.Karhu) and "Aunuksen helmi" (an old thing of Matti Jurava, on Finnish language).

In 1991 in Finland was issued "Äidinkielen käsikirja" ("Reference book of mother tongue") which in were taken fragments of Santtu Karhu's poem "Mustas kois" (he was winner of competition in 1988 for young authors of "Punalippu" magazine) as examples of Olonets area's dialect in Karelian language.

"Carelia" magazine

PS: At the end of 1999 Santtu Karhu took part in the Christmas Jam.