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Monument to the Fallen Whites

Monument to the Fallen Whites


Whites funerary monument is located on the Kalevankangas Cemetery in Tampere. The monument, designed by sculptor Evert Porila, was unveiled near the Cemetery Chapel on April 3, 1921.

The granite sculpture depicts a wounded messenger on his knees. The text is engraved on the base of the sculpture: ”You brought a message of freedom to your country and your tribe at the cost of your own life”.

Near the monument is a memorial stone with the names of four volunteers from Tampere who fell in the Estonia, and one in the Olonets Karelia. Johan Einar Ojala fell for the freedom of Karelia on the front of Tuloksa River on June 6, 1919.

The names of the other fallen Whites are engraved on three stone tablets located on the outer wall of the Chapel.

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