To The Urals
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1942. Postcard

Song by Ralph Erwin Vogl (I'm ural fiel auf s eis, 1926)
Finnish lyrics by Martti Kristian Jäppilä
Sung by A.Aimo (Aimo Vilho Andersson)

To the Urals, behind it,
are Russians running you hear agile splash of their shoes.
Why did, to England,
believe Stalin sigh he stripping his hairs:
"Why didn't Finland listened Tiltu¹ and Äikiä²,
even story was a war and enough blatant?"
To the Urals, to the Urals,
now is Finland itself attacking.

Please someone help Ivan,
gabbage plot is soon messed up by evil Finns.
But not helping seem
Yankees, offers nothing but their sympathy.
Because Japaneses strikes to the west continuously,
Germany blows up allied tonnages.
To the Urals, that is duty for them,
Russians run, outdistances, shoes strikes mud!


¹ Tiltu was a collective alias of Soviet Finnish-language radio's announcers during the Winter War (1939-1940) and the Continuation War (1941-1944). As "Moskow Tiltu" worked in the Moscow radio Aino Lyydia Kallio, as "Leningrad Tiltu" – Inkeri Lehtinen and as "Petrozavodsk Tiltu" – Saimi Maria Virtanen.
² Armas Äikiä worked in the Soviet Finnish-language radio during the Continuation War (1941-1944).