The view of the Äänislinna¹ has seriously changed since last year. At least such feelings overcrowded old-timer after more than a half-year absence. The most pleasant was to see the street names in Finnish. Now going to the town from the station one does not have to turn from Anohin street to Gogol street and then go to the lodgings by Engels street – instead you turn from Jääkärinkatu² to Asemieskatu³, go by Puistokatu and you are in the nice small park, as if you are on the Esplanaadi in Helsinki.

On the corner of Lenin street and Hertzeen street, sorry, Karjalankatu and Aunuksenkatu, on the wall of wooden building was a poster named "Äänislinna Sport News"…

Newspaper "Vapaa Karjala"
issue 32, 1943

¹ Town on Onego
² Jäger street
³ Solders street
Park street
Karelian street
Olonets street
"Free Karelia"