Its Imperial Majesty the Manifesto issued June 17, 1808 on concerning the union of Finland with the Russian Empire

We, Alexander the First, D.G. Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, and so forth, and so forth, and so forth, for Ours' loyal any ranks and civil states inhabitants of the latest annexed Finland.

In accordance with the will of the Almighty, who has blessed Our arms, We have united the province of Finland to the Russian Empire for all time. We have been pleased to observe that the inhabitants of this province have sworn a solemn oath as a pledge of their loyalty and eternal affection for the Russian crown. For Our part We have solemnly undertaken to retain this province which the will of the Almighty has ordained unto Us, unchanged and intact, in an eternal union with the Russian Empire.

The inhabitants of conquered Finland are to be numbered from this time forth amongst the peoples under the sceptre of Russia and with them shall make up the Empire; only the will and resolve of the Almighty can separate them from this great whole. We trust that God in His wisdom, having afforded protection and aid to Our brave warriors in the conquest of this province, will also help Us in the future to preserve it intact.

Inhabitants of Finland! Let this principle be graven in your hearts. Many peoples live in peace and happiness under the protection of Our sceptre. The happiness and welfare of everyone, including you who are now part of Our Empire, is dear to Our heart. In becoming part of Our Empire you have acquired the same rights as other peoples to Our solicitude and benevolence. The ancient laws and privileges of your country shall be solemnly maintained. Furthermore, new opportunities for your diligence and industry lie before you. Under the mighty protection of Russia your agriculture, commerce and other sources of wealth and prosperity will be further stimulated and developed. We shall soon know of your requirements and We shall not refuse you aid and support. Our arms shall defend your frontiers and protect you should an enemy dare to disturb your peace. In return We demand and confidently expect unity, loyalty and absolute obedience.

Inhabitants of Finland! Do not trust the rumours and hearsay which Our and your enemy may seek to spread amongst you; the fate of your country is irrevocably determined. Any futile notion of the possible reinstatement of the former Swedish dominion would therefore not only be a delusion but also a cruelly calculated means of preparing your destruction. Those who allow themselves to be drawn into the spreading of such rumours do so at their own peril.

We are aware that some of your fellow-countrymen are still serving with the Swedish forces and are therefore turning their weapons against you yourselves. Our patience would by now have been exhausted by their procrastination if, moved by sympathy for their helpless families who remain, We had not still shown willingness to accept them as loyal subjects and to erase for ever from Our memory their folly, provided that they hasten home within a period of six weeks from the day of publication of this manifesto. Let them cease to obey and serve an alien power: let them return to the fold of the fatherland: but let them hasten home within the time prescribed, for all repentance thereafter will serve to no avail.

Loyal inhabitants of Finland! Continue in your firm and steadfast devotion to Russia! We have promised to maintain you in an undivided union. Our promise is immutable and assures you for all time of Our Imperial benevolence and good will.

Signed originally by His Emperor Majesty in hand:

Countersigned by Minister count Nikolay Rumyantsev.