Vehniäinen long-range reconnaissance patrol in the summer season of 1941

…At the same time (June, 18-22), group1 (mission number 5) was sent to the Vahviala-Juustila area in the North-West of Vyborg for reconnaissance on the railway, highway and canal.

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On June 30, Vehniäinen long-range reconnaissance patrol sent across the border a larger than usual groups: there were eight men in each of the two groups. In addition to the reconnaissance task, they were also given the sabotage task…

At the same time another group (mission number 13) left for the Western part of the Karelian Isthmus. It advanced in July heat from Nuijamaa to the northern outskirts of Vyborg and reached the Vyborg-Antrea railway on 3 July. After mining the railway track, group derailed the freight train and continued its way towards Kyyrölä and further to Kivennava. There group destroyed a convoy on the road and retreated to the shelter. While waiting for delivery of supplies by plane, a part of the group was sent to the Vyborg-Leningrad railway near the Mustamäki Station, where it derailed the train. The supplies arrived on July 9. After that, the group was divided into two parts: the first again mined the railway near the Mustamäki Station and the second conducted reconnaissance in the direction of Kivennapa. The group reunited on July 12 and began reconnaissance oft the Suulajärvi Airfield. There it was disclosed and returned to the area of Rantakylä Village, Kivennapa Parish. After waiting in vain for delivery of supplies, the group ventured to go to Kivennapa Village to get food2. Junior Sergeant Juho Honkanen fell in a fire contact in the village. On the way back, the group reconnoitered also the Muolaa area and the Ravikangas Airfield. The supplies were delivered by air in the early morning of July 17. Upon receiving its, the group directed towards the border. Near the border, the group collided with a Red Army artillery battery and was scattered. At night of July 19, the leader of the group tried to cross the border with three men, but the got into a firefight with the border guards patrol; the group leader Sergeant Ilmari Tolvanen and Second Lieutenant Toivo Paavilainen fells. Others survived to cross the border. The last three men of the scattered group returned to Finland the next day after a firefight at the border.

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Lassi Saressalo
"Long-range reconnaissance patrols of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Headquarters in the Continuation War"

1. The group consisted of Junior Sergeant Juho Honkanen (as leader) and Junior Sergeant Muisto Lassila.
2. July 15, 1941.