Order No 1

To group commander leader Matti Virolainen,
July 25, 1919 at 12 noon,

Matti Virolainen has been assigned to lead 14 Ingrian volunteers in Metsäpirtti, where his group must join to Ingrian troops, concentrating there, and then go to the Miikkulainen* Village, embracing it along forest roads with the target of recapturing the village from the Bolsheviks, evacuating the population and cattle to the Finnish side and forming a company of the local residents there, which in the future will act according to the circumstances and my closer instructions. All Ingrians, met on the way and in the locality, must join the above-mentioned troops. Whoever does not join without a valid reason must be considered an enemy. Always send me reports on all actions and relocations through Metsäpirtti commandant's office. I wish you good luck and success in the struggle for freedom of Ingria. Forward, brave sons of Inkeri – Finland and the whole white world are behind you.

Commander-in-Chief of the North Ingrian Front
Colonel Elfvengren

* By Russian: Nikuljasy.