Comrades peasants and workers of Karelia

We, the Organizational Bureau for the Convocation of the All-Karelian Congress, turn to you and say:

It is time for the working people of Karelia to take an active role in their own destiny. International imperialism is saber-rattling against all working people and the cherished dream of the capitalists is to enslave them. The Russian revolution liberated the working class. It is the foremost fighter and vanguard of the world liberation of the working people. The working class of the whole world cannot yet throw off its oppressors, because the capitalists and compromising hold their thought and will captive, but the lessons and example of the Russian Revolution are dispelling the fog, and the unification of the world proletariat under the banner of the Third International is taking a true step.

The capitalists of all countries, foreseeing their downfall, are trying to delay the hour of reckoning and are exerting all their strength to weaken the might of the Russian proletariat. For this purpose, they are trying to wrest entire regions and tribes from Soviet Russia under the guise of national revival or simply annexation, but the true goal of all the cunning combinations of the capitalists is to destroy the Russian revolution and enslave the working people, while themselves enjoying all the riches of the world. The same policy using by our neighboring white Finland.

Being a obedient weapon in the hands of the Entente and the League of Nations, it also wants to get a tasty part for itself and create a great Finland. Its eyes and appetite are turned to the territory of Karelia. It accomplishes its annexationist goals by deceit and blatant lies. It presents false documents on behalf of the Karelians, who allegedly want to join it. Under the slogan “Liberation of the oppressed Karelians from the yoke of Soviet Power”, white gangs invaded the territory of Karelia in 1919. See for yourself, who the “Liberators” defended. Facts are the best witnesses, its speak louder than words. The facts are as follows: dozens and hundreds of people shot in all places (not communists, but just working people), tears and groans of mothers and orphans, executions of the wounded in hospitals, villages were burned and farms destroyed, a whip and a ramrod for the working people. Freedom for the capitalists and kulaks and slavery for the working people. These are the results of “Liberators”.

The working people of Karelia, in brotherly union with the Russian proletariat, kicked away the White gangs. Both the kulaks and the capitalists left with them, and under the wing of Finland they speak on behalf of Karelia and sell it via wholesale and retail to the Finnish bourgeoisie.

It's time to stop this behind-the-scenes trading by Karelia. It's time to hear the will of the Karelian people from the true Karelia, and not from a handful of refugees.

We are working people – for us brothers are only the working people of the whole world – our slogan is ”Triumph over capital, no alliances with White Finland.”

Welcome to the Congress to unification all Karelian working people so that there are no separate actions.

Forward, to the fight against capital.

Long live the close alliance between the working people of Red Karelia and the Russian proletariat!

Long live the RSFSR!

Long live the Third International and the victorious struggle against the capital of the whole world!

Organizational Bureau for the Convocation of the All-Karelian Congress

June 1920