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From the book
"Travelling to Onego region and Karelia"

2. About the ancient inhabitants of the Olonets Region

To define the inhabitants of the Olonets Region of the Stone Age is yet impossible due to the lack of information. But it is possible to suggest that in the pre-tumuli period (there often found metal items in the tumuli of the Olonets region) here lived the tribes that later by two streams moved to the north of Scandinavia and to the Southwest through the Baltic lands and Pomorie to the Denmark. Were they Finns* or their predecessors in the Europe? This may be found only by the later researchers that will be able to find several skulls of the pre-historic Olonian. If the Stone Age inhabitants of the Olonets Gubernia were not the Finns*, this tribe might be wiped off by Timuli or Finnish nations. The most probable is that the Stone Age inhabitants of the Olonets Gubernia belonged to the nations on the first migration of the Ural-Altaic languages to the West and were closer to Saami than to Finns, Veps, etc.

  • The author unites all the nationalities of the second Ugro-Finnic transmigration under the name "Finns".

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