Jäger March

Jäger March

The march was made for the first military unit of independent Finland – a Jäger Battalion, trained in Germany, and was first performed on November 28, 1917.

The original beginning of the third verse: “Estonia, Olonets, the beautiful lands of Karelia, it is one huge Finnish reign” was modified due to the changed foreign policy situation to the form: “Häme, Karelia, coasts and lands of White Sea, it is one huge Finnish reign”.

Song by Jean Sibelius
Lyrics by Heikki Nurmio

Deep is our blow, our wrath invincible,
we have no mercy, no homeland.
Our whole happiness is at the tip of our swords,
our hearts may not give in.
Our war cry rings, enchanting the country,
which is severing its chains.

Chorus (×2):
Our defiance may not tire,
until the people of Finland are free.

When lowered with despair were heads of the other citizens, the country,
we Jägers still believed.
There was a dark night in the heart, a thousands pains,
but one thought proud, holy:
We shall rise as the revenge of Kullervo,
it is sweet to pass the fates of war.

Chorus (×2):
A new tale of Finland is to be born,
it grows, it rushes, it wins.

Häme, Karelia, shores and lands of Viena,
one great is Finland´s reign.
Its ideology can´t be driven by brute force,
away from beneath the northern sky.
Its Lion Flag is carried
by strong hands of Jägers,

Chorus (×2):
Over thunderous, gory fields
towards the coast of rising Finland.