Order of the Commander-in-Chief N 3

Commander-in-Chief headquarters
July 10, 1941

During the The War of Independence in 1918 I stated to the Karelians of Finnish Karelia as well as to those of White Sea Karelia that I shall not give up fighting as long as Finland and Eastern Karelia would not be free. I swore that in the name of the Finnish peasant army reliang on its brave men and sacrificing women.

The Olonets Karelia and The White Sea Karelia expected 23 years to have this promise fulfilled; the abandoned Finnish Karelia expected, after a year and a half, the sun to rise after the Winter War.

You, fighters of The War of Independence, well-known men of The Winter War, my brave soldiers! It is the new dawn, Karelia arises and marches its own battalions. We shall see the liberation of Karelia and the great Finland brilliant in front of us, in the mighty fall of world history events. Let the providence, guiding the destinies of peoples, help the Finnish army to fullfill the promise I gave to the Karelian tribe.

Soldiers! The soil you will step onto, is nurished by the blood and suffering of our tribe, it is a holy ground. Your triumph will liberate Karelia, your maneuveurs will grant Finland a great happy future.