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Monument in Pälkäne

Monument in Pälkäne

Freedom fighter fell in the Olonets Karelia

The monument to the heroes, made of local light gray granite, was unveiled at Tommola Cemetery in Pälkäne on September 9, 1923.

Obelisk contains the image of the Order of the Cross of Liberty of Finland and the year 1918. On two sides of the monument there are the names of four fallen and ten murdered in 1918 during the War of Independence local natives.

On the fourth side engraved the names of three fallen in 1919 in the Olonets Karelia. Non-commissioned officer Johannes Erland Rissa* fell in the battle of Polovina Village on June 13, 1919, fourteen-year-old Sakari Johannes Alkman** fell in battle in Beryozova Gora Village on June 27, 1919, and Juho Heikki Inkilä*** fell during a patrol trip near Uljalega Village on July 27, 1919.

* 14.09.1896 – 13.06.1919
** 30.11.1904 – 27.06.1919
*** 13.12.1900 – 27.07.1919
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