Atrocities of Olonets Bolsheviks

Cannibal’s meal

Editorial office of our newspaper got from a representative of the Finnish government in Olonets Karelia a letter, as well as a photography of a victim of terrible Bolshevik’s torture. Leaving a creepy photo unpublished, we release the following information about this torture:

Victim, Pekka Davydov, from Nyalmozero Parish*, the Olonets Karelia, was forcibly recruited into Bolshevik ranks. From there, as soon as the opportunity arose, he escaped to the White side. He showed great bravery in his actions and was always ready for the most difficult reconnaissance trips. During such raid, in the Polovina Village, he got into the hands of the Finnish bloody Reds Bolsheviks, when they savages cut off the flesh from both legs and rear of still alive Pekka Davydov, cut open the chest and finally broke both shins. Victim took a bite both his lips in pain.

We also are publishing a copy of a letter from a certain Finnish bloody Red Bolshevik, in which the same victim is mentioned. Let it speak for itself:

“From Polovina Village
June 20**, 1919

Now I will try to write a bit about this wilderness, since I have a time. Here, at the front-line, the food is bad, always hunger, a lot of work. On duty one day, other day is free, butchers*** are pressing, climbing directly into mouth. One of our team was killed last night. We also killed a couple of butchers and, in addition, ate butcher’s meat, which was ordinary meat, but don’t need to tell everyone about it. There are such stupid forests here you will not see anything until the butchers are under your nose.

I received your letter and thank you for that letter, if you can send any letter with someone, then send it.

Don’t want to write anymore, because I’m tired.

Goodbye now and all the best.


Uusi Suomi -newspaper no 219
September 24, 1919

* Really: from Nyalmozero Village of Veshkelitsa Parish
** In earlier publications – June 11 (in addition, Polovina Village was cleared on June 13)
*** A derogatory name for a Finnish White Guard