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The last letter to relatives from volunteer Viktor Ervasti, who was sentenced to death in Olonets Karelia

Tulomozero, June 5

Dear my brother, father, mother and sisters!

Greetings from here. This is my last letter, I have been sentenced to be shot for the reason that they broke into a Ruskies church there, although I was not there. I can't believe; and who knows who was the reason.

Man does not think about his happiness when he leaves home on his own whim, despite the prohibition of his father and mother; but now it is too late to repent. I pray to the God for eternal life. Oh, Lord God, give me forgiveness for my sins.

Greetings to home and all friends; do not grieve for me much. Last greetings from Victor. Goodbye dear father, mother, sisters and brothers.

Liitto -newspaper, no. 184
August 14, 1919

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