Descriptions of Russia

Viljo Heinonen: Two years dead
Pages 312, price 20 mk, Karisto publ.

Our readers still remember the disappearance of Viljo Heinonen, a Lyceum student from Turku, who was on the Olonets front, and his “resurrection” after two years of being unknown. This young man has published the above-mentioned good quality extensive book of his observations, experiences and adventures, in which he describes in detail his imprisonment and being as a soldier in the Red Army. The book is interesting in many different respects and deserves wider attention. The battles of the Red Army on various fronts, the prevailing general misery and destruction and the plight of the Ingrian Finns and Karelians, are described by expert. Although book tells about many horror events, the author has appropriately sprinkled among them the things which makes a smile rise to the lips. We recommend this book to both young and older readers.

Ilkka -newspaper, no. 294
December 20, 1924