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Excerpt from a short story "Bruno is Dead"

.  .  .

We haven't seen the enemy that night. But a few days later two of our patrolmen were ambushed and one of the guys was left on the route. Later, The gruesome discovery was made in the forest. A deformed and mutilated body, from which, most likely using a bayonet, were cut off pieces of meat. Nearby there were remnants of a campfire and around it were blackened wooden sticks with the roasted meat at the ends, just like the remains of an unfinished meal. "Cannibals!" the guys were terrified. "These devils eat people, maybe still alive!" – "Or feed the dogs!" – Bruuno sat down on the bench, quite pale, pursing lips. "I want to fight right now" he said hoarsely. And began to clean his rifle.

.  .  .

Uuno Kailas

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