Tavastia Battalion

Before the matter was properly discussed, it had already been done.

There was talk that the residents of Tavastia, who are now leaving to help the Olonets Karelians in their struggle for freedom, should return to mandatory thing which they left undone during the Finnish War of Independence – and at these days they really have gathered under their banners – the people's detachments of initiative volunteers, who going to the Olonets Karelia to fight against Bolshevism and defeat it.

On yesterday evening, at half past eight, about a hundred young men from various parishes of Southern Tavastia and the city of Hämeenlinna departed from Hämeenlinna station, forming their own Company, which will include total up to two hundred men. The commander of this Company will most likely be vänrikki Ilmari Rytkönen.

By the same train on the way to Lahti was also a Company from the parishes of Northern and Central Tavastia and the city of Tampere, about the same size as the previous one.

Today in Lahti these Companies, as well as the Company formed in Eastern Tavastia and the city of Lahti, are being organized into Tavastia Battalion, commanded by Jäger Lieutenant Voldi Visa.

Tavastia Battalion is immediately, perhaps already today, ready to continue its movement to east from Lahti, because every man arrived there in full uniform and equipment. The Civil Guard of the city of Hämeenlinna provided to departing Company complete trains, a field kitchen and a machine gun. Companies from both Northern and Eastern Tavastia are also equipped.

Hämetär -newspaper, no. 104
May 31, 1919